UNFFE/WE Effect Joint Project: Financial Services For Poor Farming Communities In Uganda (FSPFCU)

Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) and We Effect (formerly the Swedish Cooperative Centre-SCC) are in partnership and have been jointly implementing a project in Uganda known as Financial Services for Poor Farming Communities in Uganda (FSPFCU) which officially ended on 31st December 2013. UNFFE has been the main implementing partner while We Effect was the main funding partner. It was a three-year project which started in 2010 and was scheduled to end in December 2012 but was extended to December 2013, courtesy of the funding partner. The project was initiated to assist UNFFE and seven (7) member District Farmers Associations (DFAs) to contribute to the national fight against poverty through use of small informal savings (“Money-box savings”) to address the acute problem of lack of investment funds, in form of loans, to support income-generating activities for hundreds of thousands of members of farming communities in rural areas where formal financial institutions can hardly reach.