Climate Smart Agriculture – Agriterra

The overall objective of the project is to raise awareness among grassroots farmers on the adverse consequences of climate change and the possible mitigation and adaptation technologies available or which can be developed and adapted, with strong emphasis on adaptation. This project is in Naksongora and Sironko districts.

Specific Objectives

  1. To carry out climate change sensitization campaigns at DFA level in the two pilot districts.
  2. To train participating farmers in sustainable, environment-friendly tree planting and management techniques with focus on Agro- forestry practices.
  3. To establish tree nursery beds in Sironko district for the production of tree seedlings which will be managed by the extension link farmers under whose guidance these will be constructed.
  4. To establish demonstration farms to act as centers of learning climate smart technologies in agro forestry for wind breaks, contour cropping in Sironko and water harvesting/drought resistant varieties in Nakasongola for the farmers in the districts.